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Callan method

Callan method

What is Callan method of teaching?

The Callan method of teaching aims to allow students to learn languages efficiently. The Callan method uses the Communication-Oriented Language Teaching (C- O L T) approach. Rather than relying on books, it focuses on speaking and listening skills. The teacher functions as a guide and is present for most classes, but not all of them. This enables students to learn languages quickly and communicatively by focusing mainly on pronunciation and conversation. It is also inspired by the dialogue one has in everyday situations.

How does this apply to learning Greek?

The Callan Method is very effective when trying to speak a language correctly without deviating from native speakers’ accent/sound/intonation, which may result in miscommunication or even an inconvenience.

This is the biggest obstacle that one encounters while learning Greek since most of our words are derived from ancient greek which is essentially pre-classical. Although many modern Greeks use formulas and phrases of Ancient Greek, its accentuation has changed over time to make it sound “modern”.